19 Jun

The Oldhead Speaks

June 19, 2020 ~ In the tradition of the eye-opening and ear-popping poetry and protest music of Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, James Brown and Marvin Gaye, celebrated West Philadelphian-born book writer, journalist, poet and filmmaker, Omar Tyree, drops the perfect record at the perfect time in America.

Highlighting verses from the final chapter of the Bible, the 51-year-old writer interprets an urgent need for those with voices and a platform to not only speak out on social media, broadcast news programs, podcast interviews and at national protests and rallies, but to speak out on original records and in books with the defiance and wisdom that paints yet another chapter of cultural and political history in our turbulent country. And he does so over a thick and harmonious grove, produced by KDN Beats, buffered by the angelic voice of soul singer, Dajulyn Wallace.

Taking notes and elements from a long and colorful history of black vocal delivery, from the inner-city street corners of Philly to the southern church pulpits of Atlanta, Tyree adds a heavy dose of echo panning to make sure we hear his every word, multiple times.

“This is the type of old-school music a lot of young people are not really familiar with anymore,” Tyree states. “Of course, the first and second generations of hip-hop artists know it, but now we’re on to a third and fourth generation of hip hop, who will likely hear this style of music for the first time.”

Calling himself “The Oldhead,” Tyree reveals that Revelations is actually the close-out record on a compilation album entitled, The Last Summer, created to document the thoughts and reactions to the CoronaVirus, Racial Injustice, and the current state of the world in year 2020.

But as Tyree states in a chamber of seamless echoes, the young boahs with voices to speak on a record have no idea how to respond to what’s going on. So, it’s The Oldhead to the rescue. And the seasoned Philadelphia writer, best known for the urban classic novel Flyy Girl, says he’s just getting started.

“I got more than a dozen records coming this summer with some established artists and some new artists, and every single song is dope and meaningful,” he boasts. “And if Revelations does the work of getting the word out, then we’re all about to see and hear it.”

Tyree says he plans to release a new song snippet from The Last Summer compilation every two weeks in June and July until the full LP is complete in August.

04 Nov

Ana Morris, the 19-year-old soul singer, born and raised in Indiana, introduces herself and her goals in the music industry, while enticing everyone to Take A Ride through her home city of Indianapolis. Produced by Determinate Beats, Ana glides over this thick and seductive track with a comfortable flow, reminiscent of Aaliyah Haughton. As the lead artist from New York Times bestselling author, Omar Tyree’s, re-launch of Hot Lava Entertainment, Ana Morris just may be the one to keep a watchful eye on.

My goal is to blow up Take this whole country by storm when I show up Having em all looking like what Where this young girl come from Who made her the one...

Check out the new Ana Morris - Take a Ride premier video below!

03 Nov

After 25 years of writing novels, where he became a New York Times bestselling and NAACP Image Award winning author, journalist, poet and lecturer with more than 3 million copies of his books sold worldwide, Omar Tyree now sets new goals to write and produce albums of spoken word, hip hop and R&B, with his second solo effort, The Oldhead Just Spoke.

As a visionary songwriter and executive producer with a stable of young artists (Ana Morris, WayKO London, Kool Dre and Dre Havik), Tyree is now in the process of rebooting his Hot Lava Entertainment label to establish his own sound of funky and Positive Power Music (PPM).

“The last time I did this, I was The Urban Griot with the Rising Up album back in 2002. This time I’m The Oldhead with something more to say. I have the same mission now as I had back then, to present an out-of-the-box perspective of creative and funky music that’s about more than just dancing and love talk.”

With a horde of songs that pour out of his brain to hot tracks from new school beat producers online, Tyree himself with far too much content to hold back. “Man, I’m writing like five to ten songs a week now, and these young kids can’t even understand this Positive Power Music angle that I’m coming from. So I finally came up with The Oldhead Just Spoke idea to get a lot of these songs off my plate, while featuring my young artists in their introductions, as if I’m Dr. Dre at Deathrow  and then Aftermath.


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